Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Toothbrush: Superior Cleaning Experience


The Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush is a powerful and technologically advanced electric toothbrush that promises to deliver a superior oral care experience. Packed with features such as a 40,000 VPM electric motor, wireless charging, and 4 brushing modes, this toothbrush aims to provide a comprehensive and efficient cleaning experience. In this review, we will explore the product details and share personal experiences to help you make an informed decision.

Having tested various electric toothbrushes, I can confidently say that the Aquasonic Black Series exceeds expectations in terms of performance and value. The toothbrush features a two-minute timer and a 30-second pacer, ensuring that each section of the mouth receives equal attention. While it lacks a pressure sensor, the brush provides a gentle and effective clean when used with the right technique.

The four brushing modes – clean, soft, whiten, and massage – offer versatility for individual preferences. The soft cleaning mode is particularly appealing for first-time electric toothbrush users, providing a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience. The battery life is impressive, lasting over three weeks on a single charge, making it convenient for travel without the need for frequent charging.

The inclusion of eight DuPont brush heads is remarkable, as each head lasts three to four months. With this generous supply, you won’t have to worry about purchasing replacements for approximately two and a half years. The travel case, although basic, securely holds the toothbrush and up to two brush heads, making it suitable for on-the-go use.

Powerful and Modern Design

The Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush is a powerhouse in the world of electric toothbrushes. With its ultra-powerful and industry-leading motor producing 40,000 vibrations per minute, this toothbrush delivers a thorough and effective cleaning experience. The sleek and lightweight design, coupled with its IPX7 waterproof rating, makes it a durable and travel-friendly option. The inclusion of a lithium-ion battery and ultra-fast wireless charging ensures convenient and hassle-free usage. With 4 different brushing modes and a smart vibration timer, this toothbrush caters to individual preferences and ensures optimal oral care.

ADA Accepted and Complete Oral Care

Investing in premium oral care technologies has earned the Aquasonic Black Series the prestigious ADA seal of approval. This means that it has been proven effective in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis. The toothbrush goes beyond just cleaning teeth, as it offers unique modes specifically designed for whitening and polishing teeth, as well as improving gum health. With 8 DuPont engineered brush heads included, each lasting 3-4 months, the Black Series provides complete oral care for up to 2.5 years. The custom travel case, made of BPA-free plastic, adds convenience for on-the-go travel.

Modern Tech for a Healthy Smile

The Aquasonic Black Series brings toothbrushes into modern times with its built-in enhanced features. The toothbrush is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting usage on a single charge. The ultra-fast wireless charging eliminates the need for outdated USB charging. With 4 distinct brushing modes, users have the flexibility to choose the mode that suits their oral care needs. The smart vibrating notification timer ensures that users brush for the recommended two minutes. The sleek and ergonomic black satin handle, along with its waterproof design, makes the Black Series a stylish and practical choice for a healthy smile.

Eight DuPont Brush Heads & Travel Case Included

The Aquasonic Black Series comes complete with 8 brush heads engineered by world-famous DuPont. Each brush head lasts 3-4 months, providing a total of 2.5 years of brush head supply. The brush heads are designed to effectively clean teeth and maintain optimal oral health. The toothbrush also includes a custom hard shell travel case, which can hold the handle and up to two brush heads. Made of BPA-free plastic, the travel case ensures that users can maintain their oral hygiene routine while on the go. With the convenience of multiple brush heads and a travel case, the Black Series offers a comprehensive oral care solution.

What’s in the Box

The Aquasonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush package includes 1 AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush, 1 wireless charging base, 8 DuPont brush heads, 1 travel case, warranty card, and user manual. This all


  • The Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush comes with a complete set of features and accessories, including 8 brush heads and a travel case, providing great value for the price.
  • The toothbrush has a powerful motor that produces 40,000 vibrations per minute, ensuring an effective and thorough cleaning experience.
  • It has been accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs, demonstrating its efficacy in plaque removal and gingivitis prevention.


  • The toothbrush lacks a pressure sensor, so users need to be cautious and avoid brushing their teeth with too much force.
  • The quality of materials used on the toothbrush is not the best, although this is balanced by the value for money offered.
  • There is no power level indicator on the toothbrush, which may make it difficult for users to know when the battery is running low.


    In conclusion, the Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush offers exceptional value for its price. With its powerful motor, wireless charging, and four brushing modes, it provides a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. While it may lack a pressure sensor, the toothbrush compensates with its gentle cleaning mode. The inclusion of eight brush heads and a durable travel case further enhances the product’s value. Overall, the Aquasonic Black Series is a reliable and feature-packed electric toothbrush that is sure to elevate your oral care routine.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

    Answer: The rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the Aquasonic Black Series toothbrush can last over three weeks on a single charge with regular use.

    Question: Are the brush heads easy to replace?

    Answer: Yes, the toothbrush comes with 8 DuPont engineered brush heads that last 3-4 months each. This means you won’t need to buy replacements for about 2.5 years.

    Question: Can I use the toothbrush while traveling?

    Answer: Yes, the toothbrush comes with a custom hard shell travel case that can hold the handle and up to two brush heads. It is convenient for on-the-go travel.

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