FitBeast Back Roller: A Game-Changer for Back Pain Relief


Welcome to my review of the FitBeast Back Stretcher, Back Cracker & Back Roller! In this review, I will share with you the product details and my personal experience using this back pain relief device.

I have been using foam rollers for several years to help with my back pain and muscle stiffness, so I was excited to try out the FitBeast Back Roller. The build quality of this product is impressive, with a solid inner ring made of racing helmet material and a firm foam layer. The roller is designed with different hardness levels, allowing for effective massage without causing any discomfort or injury to the back.

After using the FitBeast Back Roller for a month, I have noticed a significant improvement in my back pain and muscle tightness. The groove design of the roller protects the spine while providing deep muscle massage, relieving tension and discomfort. I particularly enjoy the bigger yoga wheel, as it provides a great stretch to my back. The roller has become an essential part of my daily routine, especially since I have a sedentary lifestyle due to my work as a software engineer.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

The FitBeast Back Stretcher, Back Cracker & Back Roller is designed to provide relief from back pain. Whether you suffer from shoulder soreness, spine stiffness, or back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect sitting posture, lack of exercise, or back injuries, this product can help. Its ergonomic design stretches the spine and massages the upper and lower back muscles, promoting relaxation and alleviating discomfort. The FitBeast Back Stretcher is a versatile tool that targets the root cause of your back pain, allowing you to say goodbye to those nagging aches and discomforts.

Soft & Hard Areas to Meet All Your Needs

FitBeast understands that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. That’s why the Back Stretcher features two massage areas of differing hardness. This allows you to effectively massage your back without causing any further injury or discomfort. The combination of soft and hard areas ensures that you can customize your massage experience to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a gentle massage or a deeper, more intense pressure, the FitBeast Back Stretcher has got you covered. You can enjoy a personalized and tailored back massage that brings relief and relaxation to your muscles.

Groove Design to Protect Your Spine

Your spine deserves the best care and protection. The FitBeast Back Stretcher features a groove design that avoids pressing directly on your spine or increasing spinal pressure. This thoughtful design element ensures that your spine remains safe and protected during your massage sessions. Additionally, the bumpy design of the Back Stretcher effectively massages the deep muscles of your back, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation. With the FitBeast Back Stretcher, you can experience the benefits of a deep tissue massage while safeguarding the health and well-being of your spine.

Racing Helmet Material, Built to Last

When it comes to durability, the FitBeast Back Stretcher is in a league of its own. The inside of the Back Stretcher is made of the same material as most racing helmets, ensuring that it can endure strong compression and is impact resistant. This means that it’s built to last, even with regular use. With a weight capacity of up to 1000lbs, the FitBeast Back Stretcher won’t deform or break easily. You can rely on its sturdy construction to provide consistent support and performance. Invest in a product that stands the test of time and delivers long-lasting relief for your back pain.

Tutorial Videos and After Sales Service

FitBeast is committed to helping you make the most out of your Back Stretcher. They provide product instruction and tutorial videos to guide you through the proper usage and techniques. These videos ensure that you can maximize the benefits of your Back Stretcher and achieve optimal results. Additionally, FitBeast has a professional after-sales team that is dedicated to assisting you with any concerns or queries you may have. Whether it’s troubleshooting, maintenance tips, or general inquiries, they are there to support you every step of the way. With FitBeast, you receive not only a high-quality product but also excellent customer service.

Build Quality and Usage

The FitBeast Back Stretcher boasts a simple yet solid build quality. Its inner ring, made of racing helmet material, provides durability and resilience. The foam layer is firmly attached to the inner ring, ensuring stability during use. The Back Stretcher’s design incorporates a channel down the middle to avoid putting pressure on the spine, making it comfortable and safe to use. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced user, the FitBeast Back Stretcher is a versatile tool that can effectively target your back muscles. It’s especially beneficial for those with a sedentary lifestyle or back issues. Incorporate the FitBeast Back Stretcher into your daily routine and experience the relief and relaxation it brings.

Customer Reviews

Customers have been raving about the FitBeast Back Stretcher, praising its effectiveness in relieving back pain and promoting relaxation. Many users have found that it helps them say goodbye to long-standing back issues and provides much-needed relief. The durable build quality and unique design of the Back Stretcher have garnered positive feedback from customers, with many expressing satisfaction with their purchase. FitBeast’s commitment to providing tutorial videos and excellent after-sales service has also been appreciated by customers. Overall, the FitBeast Back Stretcher has received positive reviews, making it a worthy investment for those seeking relief from back pain.


  • The FitBeast back roller foam is ergonomically designed to stretch and massage the upper and lower back muscles, providing relief from back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect sitting posture, lack of exercise, and back injuries.
  • The back roller foam has two massage areas of different hardness, allowing users to effectively massage without injuring their back. This feature ensures that individuals with varying pain tolerance levels can benefit from the product.
  • The FitBeast back roller foam has a groove design that protects the spine by avoiding direct pressure or increasing spinal pressure. The bumpy design also massages the deep muscles of the back, relieving muscle tension and back pain.


  • Some users may find the FitBeast back roller foam initially uncomfortable to roll on, especially if they are not accustomed to foam rolling. However, with regular use, the discomfort lessens as the body adjusts.
  • The grooves on the FitBeast back roller foam can be hard on the back when trying to lay down on it. This may be challenging for individuals with poor balance or whole body pain. It is recommended to take your time and gradually get used to the product.
  • The FitBeast website may have some technical issues, particularly with product registration. This could potentially affect warranty claims, so it’s important for users to be aware of alternative methods to contact customer service in case of any issues.


    In conclusion, the FitBeast Back Roller has exceeded my expectations as a back pain relief product. Its durable and well-built design ensures long-term usage without any signs of wear. The tutorial videos provided by FitBeast have been helpful in maximizing the benefits of this roller. Additionally, their professional after-sales service is commendable, ensuring any issues or concerns are addressed promptly. I highly recommend the FitBeast Back Roller to anyone seeking relief from back pain and muscle stiffness.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: How durable is the FitBeast back roller foam?

    Answer: The FitBeast back roller foam is made with racing helmet material on the inside, making it durable and impact-resistant. It can hold up to 1000lbs and is designed to withstand strong compression without deforming or breaking easily.

    Question: Are there any tutorial videos or after-sales services provided by FitBeast?

    Answer: Yes, FitBeast offers product instruction and tutorial videos to help users make full use of their back roller foam. They also have a professional after-sales team to assist with any problems or concerns that may arise.

    Question: Can the FitBeast back roller foam be used for purposes other than back pain relief?

    Answer: While the FitBeast back roller foam is primarily designed for back pain relief, it can also be used for stretching and massaging other areas of the body, such as the legs. However, some users may find a traditional 6″ roller more suitable for certain applications.

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