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The Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash, with its 1.5% hydrogen peroxide formulation and mild mint flavor, is a mouth rinse that promotes healing of minor oral wounds. This alcohol-free mouthwash is designed to soothe gum inflammation and aid in the healing of oral sores, irritations, and mouth burns. With a high product rating and thousands of positive reviews, it is worth exploring its effectiveness.

I have personally found the Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash to be a beneficial addition to my oral hygiene routine. Whenever I have canker sores, I rely on this mouthwash for relief. Its foaming action, caused by the 1.5% hydrogen peroxide content, helps to cleanse and remove oral debris, facilitating the healing process. I have also observed that it minimizes gum inflammation after dental procedures or when wearing dentures and orthodontic appliances. The mild mint flavor adds a refreshing touch to the overall experience.

Healing Power for Oral Sores

The Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash and Mouth Sore Rinse has gained popularity for its ability to promote healing in the mouth. Whether you have canker sores, oral irritations, or even mouth burns, this mouthwash can help speed up the healing process. Many users, including those with braces, have found relief and faster recovery by using this product regularly. The mild mint flavor adds a refreshing touch to the mouthwash, making it a pleasant addition to your oral care routine.

Foaming Action for Deep Cleaning

One of the standout features of the Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash is its foaming action. When you use this mouthwash, you’ll notice how it foams up, indicating its deep cleaning action. The 1.5% hydrogen peroxide content contributes to the foaming effect, ensuring that it removes oral debris effectively. This foaming action not only aids in the healing process but also leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. By incorporating this mouthwash into your daily teeth brushing and mouthwash routine, you can enjoy the benefits of its foaming action.

Soothing Gum Inflammation

If you’ve recently undergone dental procedures, wear dentures, or use orthodontic appliances, the Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash can provide relief for minor gum inflammation. This antiseptic mouthwash has an alcohol-free formula, making it gentle on the gums while still providing the soothing relief you need. By incorporating this mouthwash into your oral care routine, you can alleviate gum discomfort and maintain optimal gum health.

Positive User Reviews

The Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash and Mouth Sore Rinse has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Many have praised its effectiveness in promoting healing and reducing pain associated with canker sores. Users have also found relief from mouth cuts and sores, experiencing faster healing compared to traditional saltwater gargles. The taste, although resembling a typical peroxide flavor, is regarded as acceptable and tolerable. Overall, users highly recommend this mouthwash for its healing properties and pleasant taste.


The Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash comes highly recommended by dentists. It is often recommended for individuals with painful gums, bleeding gums, or gum recession. The product’s ability to heal painful areas and soothe sore gums has made it a go-to solution for many dental professionals. Its effectiveness in addressing specific oral concerns has made it a trusted choice for those seeking relief and improved oral health.

Convenient and Worth the Investment

Finding the Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash in physical stores can sometimes be challenging. However, with the convenience of online shopping, it is readily available on platforms like Amazon. Users have found that despite its slightly higher price point, the product is worth the investment. Its ability to address various oral concerns, from canker sores to painful gums, makes it a valuable addition to any oral care routine. Users have experienced positive results and plan to continue using and purchasing this mouthwash in the future.


  • Promotes healing of minor oral wounds
  • Helps soothe gum inflammation
  • Alcohol-free formula


  • Foaming action may be unpleasant for some
  • Mint flavor may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Can be expensive compared to other mouthwashes


    In conclusion, the Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash has proven to be a reliable product for promoting oral health and healing. Its antiseptic properties, alcohol-free formula, and oxygenating action make it a suitable choice for individuals seeking relief from oral sores, irritations, and gum inflammation. With a high product rating and numerous positive reviews, it is evident that many users have experienced its benefits. I highly recommend incorporating this mouthwash into your daily oral care routine.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: How does the Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash promote healing?

    Answer: The mouthwash contains hydrogen peroxide, which has an oxygenating action that helps remove oral debris and facilitates healing.

    Question: Can this mouthwash be used for gum inflammation from dental procedures?

    Answer: Yes, it can be used to soothe minor gum inflammation caused by dental procedures, dentures, or orthodontic appliances.

    Question: Is this mouthwash suitable for people with sensitive gums?

    Answer: Yes, the alcohol-free formula makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive gums.

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